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Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards for Bad Credit – Easy Approval Credit Cards to Help you Rebuild Credit

Sometimes we all need a little extra help financially, and credit cards can be great buffers for financial strain when used responsibly. However, some people have “bad credit,” which makes it hard to get financial assistance, including getting approval for a new credit card.

Bad credit can come from a poor financial decision in the past or can be a lack of credit history. For those individuals, there are still many great options. First of all, before you dive into the world of credit cards for those with bad credit, you need to understand what bad credit is.

What is Bad Credit?

Have you ever applied for a credit card after credit card, only to be rejected each time? Well, it’s probably more than just bad luck. There’s a good chance you might have bad credit. Your credit rating is based on your credit score. Good credit ranges anywhere from 680 to 699. From there you have average credit, poor credit and finally bad credit. Bad credit is a credit score ranging from 300 to 499. If your credit score is in this range, then, unfortunately, you have bad credit. Bad credit will hurt your chances for approval. You can get a copy of your credit report for free by visiting Annual Credit Report website, annualcreditreport.com. It’s authorized by the US government and uses the three major credit distributors- Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.

Total Visa Card

The Total Visa Card is open to those with bad credit. Its website promises a “fast and easy application,” with “a response in seconds.”

  • Requires processing fee
  • $300 Credit limit
  • Easy application approval
  • APR 29.99%
  • Introductory perks
  • Customization

This special credit card has very few requirements. To be considered, you must have a checking account and be able to pay the $89 processing fee. After that, the card is open and will allow its user to have a $300 credit limit. The Total Visa card also offers introductory perks for the first year. During the first year of service, you can take advantage of the zero monthly service fee, as well as, no fee for cash advances. It also offers a variety of card styles, allowing you to customize your card.

Milestone Mastercard

The Milestone MasterCard is another option if you have bad credit and need a credit card.

  • 23.9% APR
  • Mobile Access
  • Fraud Protection
  • Annual Fee
  • Introductory perks
  • Does not impact credit score to apply
  • Customization

This card has a varied annual fee and can range from $35 to $75 for the first year, then $99 after that. During the first year, there is no interest in cash advances. After the first year, it rises to 29.9%.You can also customize the card with various styles and take advantage of mobile options which give you 24-hour access to your account, even from your cell phone.

Credit One Bank Unsecured Platinum Visa

The Credit One Bank Unsecured Platinum Visa card offers a myriad of things that make it a great option if you are working with poor credit.

  • Automatic notifications
  • Does not impact credit score to apply
  • Cashback opportunities
  • Variable APR
  • Fraud liability

Secured credit cards require that you pay a certain amount as a deposit, which acts as collateral. The higher your deposit, the higher your credit limit. However, unsecured credit cards don’t require that kind of exchange. This unsecured card sports a lot of flexibility with its varied APR.
The APR ranges from 16.99% to 24.99%. There is $0 fraud liability, so you can rest assured that you will only be charged for the purchases you make. It even has 1% cash back on approved purchases, which is a unique function for cards of this nature.The annual fee for the year ranges from $0 to $99 depending on your financial situation. Another unique quality to the Credit One unsecured card is that the bank will actually monitor your account and notify you when offers arise to increase your line of credit. It will also notify you when your payments are due and other statements and account changes via text.

Rebuild Credit

It is important to remember that getting a credit card is not only a great way to balance finances, but it’s also a great stepping stone to use as you rebuild credit. Using unsecured cards and cards that accept less than perfect credit allow you to slowly but surely improve your credit score, which in turn, will open the door to better opportunities down the line. Be sure to continue to make your credit payments on time and if possible, pay more than the minimum amount. Ultimately, whatever your situation, you can rely on these cards to fill a void that seemed otherwise impossible. Consider these cards a second chance at improving your credit and stabilizing your financial future.