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What are the Best Credit Cards for Fair/Average Credit? Get Approved for a Low Interest Credit Card with No Fees

In the 21st century, credit cards are now becoming the new trend, and more people are now making the transition from debit cards to them. That does not come as a surprise because they carry with them myriads of benefits.

For instance, they are more convenient because they save you time, enable the owner to build positive credit, charged low interest, allow record keeping through the statements which will allow you to track your experience and also enable instant cash because they boost your credit history and score.

Challenges That Have Appeared

Unfortunately, making the transition is not as easy as it may sound because getting the necessary approval can sometimes be an uphill task. There are requirements which you must meet which sometimes limit you, and people of low income are the ones who mostly feel the heat.Fortunately, as more people within the average range continue to request for credit cards, financial institutions are now seeing the need to create a platform for fair credit. Individuals who have a FICO score of six hundred and above can now access credit cards with a reward rate of 2% and above. To enable you to make a good choice we have put together a few of the cards which offer you fair credit and at low interest.

Top 3 credit cards

  • Capital One Platinum credit card
  • Chase Slate
  • Discover it

Capital One Platinum

If you are seeking a fair credit card which is flexible, has a 0% annual fee and does not impose penalties APR for late payments then you are on the right track with the capital one platinum. It is the most flexible card around because it lets you make your schedule payment and thus you can pay at your own pace and according to the dates within which you get cash most so you can never miss out. Moreover, if you make timely payments for the first five months, then in the next period you will get access to higher credit rates. If you are within an average score of 630 to 689 and above then you qualify for the capital one platinum credit card. So basically the benefits of the capital one platinum are:

  • Flexibility
  • No annual fee
  • Low-interest rate on APR
  • Let’s you schedule your payment
  • No penalties on late APR payments
  • High approval rate

Chase Slate

Chase Slate is another way to enjoy low-interest rates and also a credit card with a high approval rate within which people with a score of 630 to 719 qualify. It comes with an introductory APR of 0% on any purchases you make and a variable APR on ongoing purchases.The first 60 days there is 0% charges on balance transfers, and there is no annual fee which also makes it inexpensive as there are no hefty charges. Benefits  are as follows:

  • Gives free access to FICO score and hence motivates you to continue using your card
  • There is 0% annual fee
  • For the first three months, users get to carry out free balance transfers
  • Extremely low APR on purchases

Discover It Miles

There are many discovery credit cards out there but Discover it miles packs a punch of benefits which place it over all the others. For instance, there are no annual charges and it comes with a 1.5 % rate of rewards for every dollar you spend. Thus if you like shopping you don’t have to shop with a list as you can purchase anything you desire because you get rewards for each dollar you spend. Lastly, it doubles rewards for all new members at the end of their first year giving them maximum rewards at the end. You easily get it approved if you are a person who gets average income. All you ought to do is apply for it online and the web bank determines your eligibility and qualifications and then you are good to go thus it eases the complicated process that is there with the other cards. There are no foreign transactions. Discover It card has great benefits here are a few:

  • No annual charges
  • Rewards on every dollar you spend
  • A quick and easy application which is done online