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Lowe’s Credit Card: Is It Right for You? Find Out How Having a Lowe’s Credit Card Can Save you 5% off Your Next Purchase

Lowes’s Consumer and Business cards are a product of the Lowe’s companies that offer their customers financing on home products and short finances at Lowe’s retail stores across the United States of America. In comparison to other firms, Lowe’s Consumer and Business cards have features and conditions that is paramount for its customers to read and be conversant with the requirements.

Lowe’s credit card has a range of three kinds of finances; everyday 5% off, six-month special financing that entails with a minimum requirement of purchases of at least $299 and the final category where it is especially for in-store alone and with a purchase requirement minimum at $2000.

How to Obtain a Lowe’s Card

Lowe’s credit card can be obtained by either an online via the Lowe’s website application or by visiting any Lowe’s store to apply for it. The card is immediately activated, however, the Lowe’s credit card can only be used at Lowe’s retailers. The cardholders will be charged with additional interests if they do not pay the full balances before moving to the next month where it accumulates at an annual percentage rate, hence to avoid this extra charges the customers should clear the monthly balances. The Lowes’s consumer business card offers excellent benefits to those who like doing magnificent home improvement and the ones that prefer to do improvements by themselves in their homes. Although the financing deals may not be used by the cardholders who buy much of the home improvement products can still save significant money in a year with the daily 5% promotions. The Lowe’s customers are also entitled to a 20% savings of their yearly spending hence giving their customers a great deal of savings.

More Benefits and Savings

Another major benefit from the Lowe’s consumer and business card holders is the thirty-six-month financing where the cardholder pays a considerably less amount in comparison to other credit cards. Lowe’s has a wide range of benefits capturing; competitive price for every product and a ten percent discount on their products, additionally Lowe’s have a fluid policy where coupon-matching is upon the store managers discretion, and their employees have the authority to give bargain prices on damaged items and the open box items.

5% Off Discount Reward

While Lowe’s have a variety of benefits the five percent discount stand out among the rest. It is the very best since every time you purchase you receive the discount in comparison to other competitors where it is either you earn a point or get cash back where it will be redeemed later the Lowe’s card has an instant benefit to the cardholder plus the significant advantage of no annual fee. Lowe’s advantage card is one of the best store credit since, in the comparison to Home Depot Consumer, the Home Depot Consumer has a financing mode of deferred interest but there are no rewards for the purchases completely. Lowe’s consumer and business card has a discounted delivery all year long on items purchased at the Lowe’s stores and other business offers.

Alternative Lowe’s Cards

There are other alternative credit cards to Lowe’s, which can be used at Lowe’s stores, they include the American express and Flat Rate Reward Cards. By using these cards, you earn redeemable Lowe’s Business Rewards points, which are redeemed to receive the Lowe’s gift card, American Express gift card, and the outdoor rewards. The redemption of these points starts at an accumulation of two thousand five hundred points. The flexibility that Lowe’s offers its customers is also commendable because one chooses the type of benefit to use during the time of purchase in comparison to other credit cards where they have a fixed form of advantages.