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Macy’s Credit Card: Is It Right for You? Learn About the Benefits of Applying for a Macy’s Credit Card Online

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Many large retailers offer credit cards as an incentive to shop at their store and spend money. Each card can often be used at many different retailers but has specific rewards you receive each time you shop at the specific retailer who issued you the card.

Deciding whether a card is right for depends on how you plan to spend money. It also depends on if you frequently shop at that retailer. Signing up for a card at a retailer that you do not shop at frequently may not be beneficial because you will not be able to use the rewards that are specific to purchases made at the retailer. The Macy’s credit card is a card that offers many benefits for people who shop at Macy’s. Although it is accepted by many retailers you get the most out of all of the promotions the card provides by shopping at Macy’s.

Promotions from Shopping at Macy’s

Macy’s generally runs an account opening promotion, for example, they are offering their current promotion, which is if you open an account within the next 24-48 hours you save twenty percent. However, this is subject to credit approval. They also announced on their credit card webpage that the more you shop there the better benefits you get. You get more rewards as gold status. With a gold status, you have to spend $500-$1199. Macy’s Cards also offer free shipping on items you purchases. However, their free shipping offer also comes with many disclosures. For example, it is only free standard shipping to one address. If you have to ship to multiple addresses only one qualifies for free shipping, in addition, larger items like furniture, and mattresses do not get free shipping. They also offer cash rewards. When applying for a credit card many people consider cash rewards a deal breaker. People want to earn cash back on purchases. At Macy’s, the five percent cash back rewards only apply to Macy’s products. Every time you spend a dollar on qualifying purchases you get five points to your account. That is why this card is helpful if you shop at Macy’s.

Application Process

They offer their new account discount, like the 20 percent off when you sign up for the card, but that is only valid under circumstances. If you apply for the card and they must process your application farther then you will not get the discount. Most of the time longer application processing is a result of lower credit scores. Thus, if you have a low credit score and you are applying for the card to get the discount, you might want to consider the likelihood of getting instantly approved based on your credit history, before you apply. If you are not immediately approved for the card then you cannot get the discount. If you are subscribed to the mailing list you also receive offers. Each credit card holder gets a Star Pass. This means that you get extra benefits and promotions. This pass allows you to have access to special offers. But, if you opt out of emails you cannot use the star pass. It may be worth it to keep the daily Macy’s e-mail, even if you are not planning on shopping soon, as credit card holders with the Star Pass save 25 percent any day they choose.

Perks and Fineprint of Macy’s Card

One thing to note is that this card has a high APR of 26.24 percent on purchases. One of the perks of this card is you avoid interest on purchases if the balance remaining on your card is paid in full each month. This card is also tailored to those with credit that ranges from good to excellent. You can also receive shopping, dining, and entertainment offers.One thing to pay attention to is although this card offers a lot of promotions and deferred interest, the card is structured to where you save the most money by paying off what you owe at the end of the billing cycle, in full. They have a steep late fee, and they also charge interest if your purchases are not paid off at the end of the billing cycle. Another downfall is that this card has a foreign transaction fee. If you are taking out this card because you plan to go overseas and use it that is not the best idea at the transaction fee is three percent.

Incentives for Shopping

This card is a great card if perhaps you are planning holiday shopping and Macy’s will be one of the places you primarily shop at. The incentives are beneficial for people who enjoy shopping at Macy’s. To save the most money the card influences you to be a part of a Macy’s community of shoppers as you have to be signed up for online e-mails to take advantage of their other rewards program, and it offers free shipping on purchases and various other discounts through the year. This card is only right for you if you now Macy’s is a retailer you will always shop at and you can consistently pay your balance off at the end of the billing cycle.